Kickstart ‘Neat Ice Kit’ for fancy ice at home

by 4 years ago

If you want to truly impress your friends when creating cocktails, you might need to upgrade your freezer. The “Neat Ice Kit” is an already fully funded Kickstarter campaign that helps you create perfectly clear ice cubes.

The cocktail world really does love it’s ice, but the trend has primarily remained behind the bar. Making crystal clear ice at home is nearly impossibly because of the science behind ice freezing. Granted $50 is a lot of money to make one giant ice cube at a time, but if professional grade cocktails are something you take seriously, the Neat Ice Kit is a solid investment. Plus you get an Lewis bag and a muddler with which to whack it. Who doesn’t like ice-violence?

Check out the campaign for more details. The other option is to get molds for spheres and oversized cubes. They’re less expensive, but you aren’t going to get that beautiful clear ice. Trust me, I went the cheap route.

Colin Joliat

Colin Joliat

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