Kid gets a used 3DS for Christmas, finds “pornographic photos” inside

By 12.28.12

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

I’m the type of person who never buys anything used, especially video game hardware, and most definitely from Gamestop. Though a story that was broken by 9news in Colorado has me reconsidering my stance.

It goes something like this: kid gets a not so brand new 3DS for Christmas and stumbles upon nudie pics. Presumably of the previous owner’s gal pal. The place from which the used system comes from is sorry and tries to set things right, yet the father of the boy is still upset…

I’m sorry, but what the hell is wrong with the father? Perhaps I shouldn’t speak, since I’m not a parent, and therefore am not fully aware of what it’s like to be in such shoes. But I can pretend, and I sure as hell would not react in such a manner. I feel genuinely sorry for the kid, for having to deal with a dad with such an oppressive view towards sex.

Unless the pics the kid saw were supremely messed up, like a woman having sex with a dead mongoose or something. But even then, it’s guaranteed that the kid will be exposed to worse, sooner or later, thanks to the internet, which the kid will rush towards, to avoid his dad. Are parents that dense?

Also, on a side note, I’ve had numerous girlfriends that I’ve tried to take pervy pictures of, and attempts at trying to use a video game device has always resulted in one thing: getting my ass kicked out of bed. So kudos to the previous owner for succeeding, and in 3D! Which makes me wonder why he parted ways with his system in the first place. Hmmm.

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