Kobe Bryant insinuates fans,media are ‘dumb and idiotic’

by 5 years ago
Kobe Bryant calls out critics


Things are getting ugly in Laker land already. The team’s 0-2 to start the season and Steve Nash is day-to-day with a leg injury. Kobe Bryant wants everybody, from fans and media alike to “CHILL THE F OUT.” At least that’s what I gathered from this quote where he calls them dumb and idiotic—without actually saying it.

“The city here, from me not trying to bite my tongue and not call them dumb. Um, which I kinda just did. But you know, they’ve seen us win multiple championships, playing in an offense that was tough to learn, that was a sequence of options, that weren’t set plays, took five guys to be on the same page working together. They know how that stuff works. So, for them to be so stupid now—they say well, let Steve dribble the ball around and you know, create opportunities for everybody, let Dwight post up, let me iso. It’s uh, I don’t want to say idiotic, but it’s close.”

Panic time in L.A.? Not yet. But another 2-3 months of this nonsense and I’ll start to question their ability to contend in the west. Especially after getting a good look at the Spurs and Thunder last night.

This team was never going to blow people away at the beginning of the season. I realize that. There was simply too many additions, too many pieces to the puzzle. They need to somehow scratch and claw their way to a .500 record after 20 games.

After that, if they don’t look like a well-oiled machine, well Mike Brown, time to update that resume.


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