Korean teacher beats student then masturbates for some reason

By 04.25.13

A teacher at a coed school in Seoul, South Korea completely lost his mind. How bad? He savagely beat a student then seemingly celebrated by masturbating.

According to a report from Korea’s NocutNews (translated by Korea Bang), police arrested Mr. A, the unidentified teacher caught in the video below, for causing bodily harm and public exposure.

Students yelled “What’s wrong with him?” as the teacher dropped trou in the hallway.

Students told police that Mr. A went ballistic upon discovering a student in his class was listening to his headphones in class. He allegedly responded by then beating the student “savagely.”

He then allegedly ran into the hallway and began furiously masturbating for reasons that were unclear to the students who witnessed the act.

The school says that Mr. A denies any allegations of touching himself near students — though the video of him pantsless in the hallway seems to indicate otherwise.

The school did confirm that Mr. A beat the student, however, and have suspended the teacher indefinitely until they figure out an appropriate disciplinary response.

You can say what you will about his unorthodox methods, but I bet none of those kids strap on a pair of Beats by Dre in his class again. I’d be fully focused on my calculus if I knew there were even a 20% chance of my teacher beating me and masturbating, let alone a virtual certainty.

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