Lake Bell gives her top 5 trailers featuring ‘In a World’ voiceover

By 08.15.13

Lake Bell is a big fan of Don LaFontaine saying, “In a world…” She’s compiled her top 5 movie trailers featuring LaFontaine’s signature voice-over catchphrase, and you’ll never guess what’s number one.

Lake Bell is best known as an actress, but she’s donning the writer, director, and producers capes as well for her new movie, In a World. It’s about a woman who’s desperate to get to the top of the voice-over business, but her father and his protege stand in her way. The movie sounds more like a Funny or Die sketch than a feature film, but the stellar cast is more than capable of turning In a World into the next Best in Show.

Speaking of the cast, you can expect to see Lake Bell, a hopefully no longer mustache-less Nick Offerman, Geena Davis, Rob Corddry, Fred Melamed, Demetri Martin, Ken Marino, Jeff Garlin, Eva Longoria, and Joe Cipriano among many others. Yeah, I think Bell will be just fine in her writing, directing, and producing debut. In the meantime, warm up your chops with this 5 year old video that I think of everytime someone says, “In a world.”

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