Las Vegas fight has more twists and turns than M. Night Shyamalan

by 5 years ago

This older video of a Las Vegas street fight is picking up steam again after being featured on Reddit. And with good reason. This street fight is truly an epic (in the theatrical sense, not the Internet slang sense) piece of YouTube cinema.

Well then. You watch a video like this and it’s obviously a nice bit of karmic payback for the group of guys (and classy girls) jumping the dude in the red shirt. But that punt kick to the head? I don’t know, man. You got your ass beat. Someone bailed you out. Then you cheapshotted guys twice, including that Randy Orton-esque kick. Maybe you can avoid preening like you’re Muhammad Ali after that.

Now khaki shorts guy…that man deserves a UFC title shot or a medal. Ideally both. (via Reddit)

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