Election may have huge implications on 2013 Penny Arcade Expo

By 11.07.12

What was already considered gaming’s biggest, most over the top party, the Penny Arcade Expo, might be twenty times more so next year.

Penny Arcade Expo

Like everyone else, I spent just as much time watching my Twitter feed as I did my television, when it came to keeping tabs of the poll results. And, given whom I follow and all, the one thing that got everyone excited was Obama getting re-elected, but coming in at a close second was word that pot was being legalized in the state of Washington.

And who are these people I mostly follow exactly? Fellow game journalists. And why are they so happy? Because Washington is where the flagship Penny Arcade Expo takes place. And everyone is expecting/hoping that PAX Prime 2013 will be one huge pot party.

Kotaku actually beat me to the punch with this one. So yeah, everyone is expecting the best time ever come next year. Now personally, I can’t think of anything that’s more terrifying than being baked out of your mind and being surrounded by cosplayers.

Like seriously. Here we have a long-ass (20+ minute) long clip featuring said people (from a different show, Dragon Con, but same basic idea). Just imagine being completely stone and being in the midst of the the following times 3, 6, or more, however long weed has an effect on you…

Better/worse yet, imagine everyone above being high. Now you see what I’m getting at?

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