Lemme Tweet That For You: Fake tweets to torture dear friends

By 03.23.12

Twitter is many things, to many people: communications platform, entertainment, place of sharing, bottomless hole of narcissism. But one thing that it isn’t is reliable. You never know if the person tweeting is serious or not, or whether they’re even who they claim to be.

Lemme Tweet That For You

Lemme Tweet That For You

So, by all means, let’s make that about a thousand times worse with Lemme Tweet That For You, a website that lets you create fake tweets. For anybody.

It’s fairly simple: you enter the person’s username, what you want them to tweet, the date, and the site takes care of the rest. It pulls the person’s official Twitter handle and avatar, for you to abuse as you will.

There are a few subtle clues that the tweet is fake: for example, no matter what you do, the bottom information about retweets and favorites doesn’t change, and nor do the icons pointing out your “followers.”

On the other hand, it’s entirely worth it just to prank your friends. “Dude, you never should tweet while drunk!” OK, so it’ll stop being funny probably by early next week.

But for now, go forth and cause chaos.

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