Mr. Spock, Leonard Nimoy, showing off the PS4 30 years ago

By 02.25.13

Plus Warwick Davis, otherwise known as Wicket the Ewok, talking about video games as well.

As noted by a surly British guy and the Taiwanese CGI news bureau, the PlayStation 4 event was devoid of one key detail: what the damn thing looks like. Well, turns out, Sony decided to give the honor of unveiling it to none other than Leonard Nimoy, the man best known as being the original Mr. Spock. Not only that, but he’s had the damn thing for 30 years now. Courtesy of IGN…

Man, that thing is huge. But is it that much bigger than the original PS3? Not really.

Moving on is this following excerpt from an interview that Warwick Davis, of Willow, Leprechaun, Harry Potter, and Life’s Too Short fames. Though he’s best known as the being the starring Ewok from Return Of The Jedi, and when Edge asked him what his earliest experience with video games was, turns out, it was all thanks to Darth Vader. Or at least the guy who played him…

My very first experience of a game was the [Sinclair] ZX81. David Prowse showed me this very rudimentary game in his office, which had a frog jumping across logs that were floating by, and I thought it was amazing. I then bought a ZX Spectrum, where it would take maybe half an hour to load the game – kids don’t know how lucky they are these days. There was a TV show at the time about computer games [Database] where they would broadcast the code for a game with a modem-type sound, and you’d have to record it so you could play it back into the computer in order to play the game – though one time my mum ruined it, because she came in with the Hoover while it was recording. Then the Atari 2600 came along, and that had a nice bit of wood veneer on the front, and I played a lot of Pac-Man. The joysticks back then were really hard to push, and so I used to have blisters on the inside of my hands from playing too much.

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