Let the Internet clothe you with Facebook hangers

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You know, whenever we go clothes shopping, which is usually when our last pair of jeans has finally ripped a hole in the crotch and our T-shirts have all become sleeveless, we do find ourselves wondering, “Hmmmm, what would random strangers on the Internet make of this outfit.”

C A BrazilConsidering that the Internet is a bottomless repository of class, taste, and discretion, it’s a logical question. Fortunately, these hangers will give you the answer.

A Brazilian retailer, C&A, has every item of clothing it sells up on Facebook. If people like said item, they can just click a button and the counter, clearly visible on the hanger, goes up a notch.

Leaving aside, for a minute, that you’re letting the Internet, a drunken sex-crazed beast that generally attaches itself to insane crap like a flying Pop Tart cat or getting kicked in the balls, tell you what to wear, there’s a pretty serious engineering problem here.

Simply put, it’s a lot harder to “unlike” something than it is to like it, and that’s deliberate on Facebook’s part. So as people’s tastes change, they may no longer like that item…but if they even remember clicking that button on Facebook, they’re not going to bother going back and unclicking it, in most cases.

In short, letting the Internet clothe you is a very bad idea, even if Facebook is in charge of it.

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