Levi’s recycled jeans are, ironically, not recyclable

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I’m all for recycled materials, not because I’m some hippie but because it’s practical and cheap. What do I care that a car part used to be a bunch of beer cans? I only care that it works.

levis jeans


That said, recycling can go too far, and sometimes even be a bad thing. As Levi’s new Waste Less jeans hilariously demonstrate.

Jeans are actually fairly environmentally friendly as pants go. Denim is made out of cotton, which is a plant that grows naturally and is a renewable resource. The problem is really how denim is made, which could be more environmentally friendly.

Levi’s decided to address that by crushing plastic bottles into flakes and mixing them into the cotton. Which, uh, OK, but it seems like a wasted step to us. The plastic bottles will add a color undertone to the jeans, so you can look like you wear plastic.

The funniest part, though, is the fact that due to the presence of the plastic, these jeans won’t biodegrade. They also can’t be recycled.

Yes, Levi’s set out to make their jeans more environmentally friendly and instead did the exact opposite. You can find these Earth-hatin’ pants early next year.

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