Lindsay Lohan might be in an even worse movie than ‘The Canyons’

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InAPPropriate Comedy

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Ladies and gentlemen, InAPPropriate Comedy. Be afraid. Remember when Lindsay Lohan was making a play to be a Serious Actress with stuff like Prairie Home Companion? Those days are gone, swirled down the toilet like so much flushed cocaine. Now Li-Lo does Lifetime original movies, Kickstarter-funded vanity projects – and worse. It looked for a long time like InAPPropriate Comedy, which was conceptualized by Vince Offer (you know, the ShamWow guy) and filmed several years ago, would never get released. But some dummies took the bait and it’s set to hit theaters next year.

Oh, you didn’t know the ShamWow guy made movies? His last one was The Underground Comedy Movie in 2009, a bargain-basement collection of awful skits that critics savaged (“The least amusing comedy ever made” – The New York Post). Offer had been working on the movie for over a decade, filming terrible, unfunny skits and getting B-listers to be in them. He tried to sue the Farrelly Brothers, claiming that they ripped off There’s Something About Mary from his movie (he lost), tried to sue Anna Nicole Smith for backing out of the flick, tried to sue the Church of Scientology, all for this:

Doesn’t really inspire confidence, does it? Offer’s return to the big screen with InAPPropriate Comedy (and I’m assuming that that’s an “app joke” of some dumb-ass kind) looks even worse, but the casting is very bizarre. Adrien Brody (!) stars as “Flirty Harry,” a detective with a “flair for fashion,” and it looks like the Lohan footage is the exact same stuff that was in The Underground Comedy Movie! Oh, and Rob Schneider is in it, just to really pound the final nail in the coffin. I really want to know what kind of awesome drugs Vince Offer has access to.

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