Little League umpire ends game after coach flips out on him

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A Little League umpire in Oxford, Connecticut forfeited a game over the weekend after being verbally abused by a coach. The exchange was captured by someone in the stands and posted on YouTube.

Details are scarce but one parent had this to say about the coach’s behavior.

Lisa Suttile, who serves as an assistant coach on the team, said she was embarrassed by the coach’s actions not only because of the way he spoke to the umpire, but also because how he spoke to his team, by belittling them and swearing while describing the way they played. That portion was not caught on video.

“You just don’t speak to umpires like that and you certainly don’t speak to kids like that,” Suttile said. “This was uncalled for.”

Oxford is a fairly small town in New Haven County (pop. 12683) and apparently this is causing a bit of an uproar in the local community. Radio station 99.9, the Tad & Tommy Show, discussed it at length this week and it somehow devolved into a debate on entitlement and spoiled little brats.

Amazing that a Little League game has garnered so much publicity. I guess there’s not much going on in Connecticut these days.

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