Lolo Jones breaks down and cries on the ‘Today’ show

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Lolo Jones broke down and cried on the Today show this morning, less than a day after her disappointing fourth place finish in the 100m hurdles. NBC opted to go with Jones as opposed to numerous other U.S. medalists, presumably for the ratings factor.

(For comparison’s sake, three-time medalist Aly Raisman was relegated to NBC Sports at about the same time)

It wasn’t long into the interview before Savannah Guthrie addressed the scathing New York Times article. An article that compared Lolo to Anna Kournikova.

And that’s when the floodgates opened.

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I didn’t particularly have a problem with Lolo until the interview this morning. In fact, I’ve even defended her in the past for being honest and candid. But the mere suggestion journalists are there to act as cheerleaders is downright disgusting. This isn’t China or North Korea or any other country that has state-controlled media.

Furthermore, Jones should have just declined the interview altogether leaving room for U.S. athletes who had been more successful in the games. Simply put, NBC used her for ratings. Conversely, she used them to play the sympathy card.

I don’t doubt Jones’ tears were real. In her own words, she worked six days a week for years to get to this point. She’s a two-time World Indoor champion and has numerous American records to her credit. But there were two women in her race who won silver and bronze (Kelli Wells and Dawn Harper). Two women from the U.S. whose accomplishments were overshadowed.

Judging from their comments to Michelle Beadle this morning, they aren’t very happy with Lolo. Frankly, I don’t blame them.

(*Note: Aly Raisman, Kelli Wells and Dawn Harper all appeared briefly this morning in the first 10 minutes of the Today show. Though they got nowhere near the time and attention Lolo did.)

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