LOST creator says Breaking Bad finale made him rethink his show’s end

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Breaking Bad was one of the most well-received TV finales of all-time. LOST was very much not. But show creator Damon Lindelof says his experience with Sunday’s Breaking Bad made him rethink how he handled the last episode.

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Lindelof penned an essay for The Hollywood Reporter about LOST‘s poorly received send-off.

The relevant snippets:

“I am a huge fan of Breaking Bad and have been a zealot of its Church of Awesomeness for years. It’s spectacular TV — spectacular storytelling — and I am lucky to have borne witness to it. The opportunity to sing the show’s praises one last time was not one I could possibly pass up.

“I agreed to write this piece because I am deeply and unhealthily obsessed with finding ways to revisit the Lost finale and the maddening hurricane of shit that has followed it.

“And this morning? I am Walter White. Arrogant. Conceited. Selfish. Entitled. Looking for ways to blame everything and everyone but myself, even though it is perfectly clear the situation I find myself in is of my own making.

“I’m sick of myself for continuing to beat this particular drum, so I can’t imagine how sick of it you are. If it’s unpleasant and exhausting for me to keep defending the Lost finale, aren’t you getting tired of hating it? And so … I, like Walter White, want out. To be free. And to grant you the same.

“I’d like to make a pact, you and me. And here’s your part: You acknowledge that I know how you feel about the ending of Lost. I got it. I heard you. I will think about your dissatisfaction always and forever. It will stay with me until I lie there on my back dying, camera pulling slowly upward whether it be a solitary dog or an entire SWAT team that comes to my side as I breathe my last breath.

“And here’s my part: I will finally stop talking about it. I’m not doing this because I feel entitled or above it — I’m doing it because I accept that I will not change hearts nor minds. I will not convince you they weren’t dead the whole time, nor resent you for believing they were despite my infinite declarations otherwise.

“I stand by the Lost finale. It’s the story that we wanted to tell, and we told it. No excuses. No apologies. I look back on it as fondly as I look back on the process of writing the whole show. And while I’ll always care what you think, I can’t be a slave to it anymore. Here’s why:

“I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And I was really … I was alive.”

Here’s hoping he can move on and do something great (his new HBO show The Leftovers may be it). We need a replacement for Breaking Bad and god knows it isn’t digging into LOST on Netflix.

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