‘Lovelace’ trailer shows Amanda Seyfried was the right choice

by 5 years ago

The Lovelace trailer proves that Amanda Seyfried makes a much better Deep Throat star Linda Lovelace than Lindsay Lohan would have. It’s safe for work, but the movie is about a porn star so use some discretion here. According to Amanda Seyfried, Lovelace is actually a pretty serious movie. I haven’t read any of the titular characters books or even seen Deep Throat, but I can imagine life wasn’t actually all that great for a porn star back in the day.

The movie also stars Peter Sarsgaard as Chuck Traynor, Linda’s husband, Sharon Stone as Linda’s mother, and James Franco as Hugh Hefner. Talk about a jump up in characters for Franco, from Alien the weapon-happy rapper in Spring Breakers to the legend himself, Hugh Hefner. The movie also features Chloë Sevigny as a feminist journalist, which seems like an appropriate person to cast considering she gave the most famous BJ in Hollywood history.

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