Malaysian pamphlet has gay people all figured out

By 09.14.12

The Malaysian Ministry of Education wants to educate the fine people of the Islamic nation of Malaysia. Oh, not on tolerance or anything. They just want them to be able to identify gays using the art of stereotypes.

The image below is from a pamphlet from the Ministry, first seen on Malaysian Web site Malaysiakini. It’s part of a multipage pamphlet that also includes such thought-provoking content as “Wear a V-Neck? You Might Be Gay.”

According to people who attended the pamphlet’s accompanying seminar, “Parents in Curbing LGBT Issue,” the point of the lessons are to identify the “symptoms” of homosexuality early so that “immediate attention” can be given. It’s unclear what that immediate attention might be, but it seems unlikely that they can be found at an American Apparel store.

You can say what you want about the insensitivity of the pamphlet, but you really can’t question its accuracy. A burgeoning gay man would definitely show an “attraction to men.” Pretty sure that’s like item #1 on the list of requirements of being a gay guy. I’d have loved to be in the meetings coming up with that one. A $500,000 research grant well spent, I’d say.

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