Man arrested for exposing himself during community service for another crime

by 4 years ago

Heber Laguna Jr. may not be a smart man but you’ve got to respect his commitment to pulling his dick out at inappropriate times.

heber laguna

Okeechobee Co. Sheriff’s Office

Police say that Laguna exposed himself to multiple women while fulfilling his community service requirement for a previous misdemeanor.

The Okeechobee, Fla. Sheriff’s Office also claims that Laguna, 22, made sexual comments to the women at the business he was assigned to work.

Laguna is charged with exposure of sexual organs.

Laguna was already on probation for his previous misdemeanor charge.

I searched really hard to find out what Laguna’s previous misdemeanor charge was but I really hope it was also exposure of sexual organs. It’s a terrible thing to do, obviously, but I like the potential for an underdog story involving a man who just dreams of having strangers gaze upon his genitals and refuses to never surrender. It’s inspirational.

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