Man brutally drops child on head during youth football practice

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Stephen Pierce arrested


It took us almost 11 months but we finally found the biggest a-hole of 2012. Meet 31-year-old Stephen Pierce of Atlanta, who admitted to dropping a child on his head during a youth football practice. According to witnesses, 7-year-old Jamarius Pitts was acting out, swearing and flipping people off when Pierce brutally picked him up by the ankles.

“He picked him up and dropped him on his head and then he kicked him in the back of the head and then he thumped him in the chest,” Baynes said.

Jamarius then recounted the incident in his own words.

“He picked me up by my foot and dropped me on my head and then he kicked me in the back of the head,” Jamarius said.

Not surprisingly, Pierce was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, though it appears a charge of assault and battery lies in his future.

There’s been a lot of focus on youth football this season. Be it concussions, fights or just overall shenanigans. But this? This is youth football’s nadir.

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