Man steals 19 cases of beer from Walmart

By 12.17.12

In the everlasting battle against sobriety, a new hero has emerged. A man helped himself to 19 cases of Bud and Bud Light from a Michigan Walmart store and strolled right out the front door.



Lt. Jason Slater said a 42-year-old Burton man walked out with $293 in Budweiser and Bud Light cans just before 4 p.m. Dec. 12.

Security at the store, at 3700 Owen Road, saw the man on camera and recognized him from an alcohol theft earlier in the week, Slater said. Store officials called police when they saw him leave without paying for the beer.

This Walmart happens to be in my mom’s hometown, so I’ve been there plenty of times. I’ve yet to see someone cruising the aisles with 450+ beers though. I can’t even picture how a guy could fit that many cases into a cart. He must be some sort of Tetris wizard to be able to stack that many and still be able to maneuver quickly enough to walk out without being stopped.

If you’re thinking about tracking him down to join the party, I hate to tell you that he’s in jail. Apparently he was not only on parole, but also busted for pulling this same stunt earlier in the week.

via Mlive

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