7 of the most manly vacation destinations

by 6 years ago
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Kenny Muir, Wikimedia

Since we crank out so many stories each week some really good ones get lost in the cracks. And since so many new people visit Guyism every day (thank you), we thought we'd take some time on the weekends and holidays to share a few classics that many of our newer readers may have missed.
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Every man needs a getaway, and while luxury resorts and day spas have their place, many of us will choose adventure instead. So, trade your massages and pool side cocktails in for some awe-inspiring sights and death-defying acts with this list of manly trips.

In a single day here you could go hiking, camping, whitewater rafting and glacier trekking. Then you can wash it all down with spiced Alaskan ales and reindeer jerky. It's not part of the lower 48, and as such it sometimes feel like a different country altogether; a country where men keeping bear spray in their camping gear is as common as women keeping pepper spray in their purse.

Photo Credit: Arthur Chapman, Flickr

Ah Spain, where futbol (not to be confused with football, you uncultured swine), Iberian ham and bullfighting merge into one seething conglomerate of manliness. Go to Pamplona to do the Running of the Bulls where you will literally be running through narrow cobblestone streets with a bunch of sweaty, scared dudes screaming in Spanish as bulls do their best to gore you with their horns. On second thought maybe you should just stick to watching a soccer match and eating that cured ham.

PhotoCredit: Viajar24h.com, Flickr

Though Israel is most commonly known for its religious and political associations and issues, it also contains an impressive plethora of climates and outdoor activities. It has mountains, beaches, forests, deserts, rivers, valleys and the Dead Sea, all within a land area the size of New Jersey. The opportunities for breathtaking panoramic vistas and challenging multi-climate hikes are endless, and with hot, assault rifle toting Israel female soldiers patrolling the city streets, no one can blame you for letting your animal instincts run wild.

PhotoCredit: StevePaul56, Flickr

Besides the awesomeness of New Zealand lending its sprawling fields and imposing mountains to the Lord of the Rings trilogy, it also contains a little town called Taupo for us non-Middle Earth folk. The town is situated on the shore of the enormous freshwater Lake Taupo and is known for its extreme sports. Here, you can go sky diving, jet boating, paragliding and bungee jumping. Oh, and they also have a Grand Prix Motorsport Park and a volcano.

Photo Credit: PhillipC, Flickr

Here you can join the polar bear club, go to an outdoor geothermal spa surrounded by ice, do some whale watching or eat some fermented shark on a relaxed day. On a gameface day do some jet skiing in an ice field, go for a hike, engage in ice climbing and stay up late to see the Northern lights light up the sky. Mancation!

PhotoCredit: Aromano, Flickr

Grab a Sherpa and head for a week-long trek to the ancient city of Macu Picchu, a lost Incan city perched atop a mountain at around 8,000 feet above sea level. Or if you're not into that, just drink a lot of Pisco (strong Peruvian grape brandy) and wake up to a delicious dish of hangover-fighting ceviche (citrus marinated seafood) in the comfort of Peru's capital, Lima.

PhotoCredit: OsvaldoROVE, Flickr

Pack light, but dress heavy, i.e. wear a bulletproof vest. Do you feel lucky, punk?

PhotoCredit: Luca Gorlero, Flickr

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