Marcus Vick vehemently defends his brother on Twitter, rips Eagles

by 5 years ago

The Eagles offensive line was offensive last night as Michael Vick ran around for his life on seemingly every snap. Vick’s brother Marcus went on Twitter to complain about the line’s issues and went as far as saying a trade was in order

The Eagles season is more than likely over at this point. At 3-5, the myriad of issues on both sides of the balls have cost them far too many games. Where do they go from here? Well, as a neutral observer, it’s probably time to part ways with Andy Reid and get somebody who focuses more on the talents of LeSean McCoy.

That will mean getting players to protect their offensive backfield. Something they seem to be lacking presently.

As for Marcus’ rant, they are probably echoed by his brother in the privacy of their own home. Not sure Michael wanted the world to hear it in such a crude fashion, but hey, the Vick brothers aren’t known for making sound decisions.

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