Weed and wine have finally come together in one product

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Marijuana wine not only exists, but it is regularly being produced in California. It is exactly what it sounds like, a bottle of wine laced with marijuana. But how is it made, and does it work?

The recipe for pot wine, such as it is, consists of dropping one pound of marijuana into a cask of fermenting wine, which yields about 1.5 grams of pot per bottle; the better the raw materials—grapes and dope—the better the wine.

The fermentation process converts the sugar in grapes into alcohol, and alcohol extracts the THC from marijuana.

Unfortunately it seems like you can’t exactly make this at home unless you happen to live at a winery. I’m sure that won’t stop many of you from picking up a bottle of Sutter Home’s finest white zin and dumping your weed in it. Hey, it’s worth a shot, right? But the more important question is, does it work? We’ve all had stupid ideas of how to get stoned before, but more often than not we just end up with a vicious headache and our nostrils glued shut..

Pot wine delivers a quicker high than pot brownies, and the combination of alcohol and marijuana produces “an interesting little buzz.”

That’s all the evidence I need. It’s time to go buy a vineyard in California and start making my own special blend. It’s time that we add green wine to the standards that are red, white, and rosé.

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