Man wins Powerball by playing numbers from Kansas City Royals players

By 11.30.12
Royals Powerball


The winning numbers for Wednesday’s Powerball lottery happened to match jersey numbers for some famous Kansas City Royals. And now, a Missouri man is $500 million richer.

According to GMA, a Royals fan named Mark Hill will come forward today to claim his prize in the small town of Dearborn, Missouri. Hill works as a deli and meat packer at the town’s Hillshire Brands factory.

The numbers match the following Royals players:

5-George Brett
23-Mark Gubicza
16-Bo Jackson
22-Dennis Leonard
29-Dan Quisenberry
6-Willie Wilson

Not sure why he’d pick some of those guys over Hal McRae, but I digress. If Hill’s truly a diehard Royals fan, well, 25 years of complete and utter despair from the organization is worth a few million dollars right?

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