Masseuse loses medical license for providing “intravaginal massages”

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Greg Summers may be a perfectly capable chiropractor. Unfortunately, when you get accused of massaging vaginas, things can go south fast.

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Summers, founder and owner of Summers Chiropractic, had his medical license suspended after being charged coming in sexual contact with three female patients.

According to the Huffington Post, Summers would offer “intravaginal massages” that he claimed would prevent scar tissue from forming and alleviate pain.

In addition to the claims about his improper internal touching, one Summers employee — who also was a recipient of his special massage tactics — claims that Summers would have her practice massage on him while he complained about his marital issues.

Court documents say that Summers told the female employee that he would teach her “how to get a man hard.”

Other allegations against Summers date back to 1994 and include claims that he’s fondled and touched the breasts of patients.

His lawyer told the News Tribune, “Anyone can file a complaint against a doctor even when the complaint is not accurate or actionable.”

Just a helpful reminder: If part of your business model resembles any porn site (in this case, one we can’t link to that rhymes with “Pucked Hard 18”), you’re probably going to get in trouble. Yes, even pizza delivery with an emphasis on sausage toppings. Be smarter out there, creeps.

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