Meet the Army’s terrifying new robot horse

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I live in Boston, and I can’t tell you how much joy it fills me with to know this creepy bastard, a robot horse known as Big Dog, is being built and tested maybe fifteen miles away from me. Fifteen miles it can easily cross.

Why do I find it troubling? See for yourself:

Is that or is that not pretty damn creepy?

So, aside from the fact that DARPA’s entire mission is to keep mad scientists in business, why does this exist? Essentially, as a more reliable pack animal. The Army would love to keep supplies close to troops, but the problem is that troops tend to be in rough terrain that’s difficult for a robot on treads to get over.

Big Dog is designed to solve that problem. He’s got a lot of lifting power, and rough terrain is no problem for him. He just plants his feet and keeps going.

Oh, and he also has a top speed of seven miles per hour, just in case you though you could outrun it when it decides you’re in need of a tramplin’. But on the bright side, the troops are getting closer and closer to their very own pet robot. Hooray?

Legged Support System [DARPA]

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