Men’s pantyhose is a hot new trend now? Really?

By 03.07.12


Fashion designer Emilio Cavallini had an idea for a business. But it wasn’t a hot Internet start-up or anything you’d ever imagine. It was men’s pantyhose. And business is, shockingly, booming.

Cavallini told Women’s Wear Daily that his men’s pantyhose division accounts for 2 or 3% of the company’s overall sales out of a million pairs manufactured each year.

“When we started our online shop we noticed that a lot of tights sized medium-large were being purchased by men,” Cavalini said.

Cavallini says that while a portion of men wear his tights as a liner in winter [ED. NOTE: Uh, how about Under Armor if that’s your intended use? Let’s be real, guys wearing pantyhose], others will wear them with shorts to make a fashion statement.

Online communities, beyond just the fringe, are popping up to discuss the growing “mantyhose” men’s pantyhose movement.

So tell us what you think. Is it time to start really working on those lunges and calf raises? Do you see yourself in a pair of Leggs soon?

Men are snapping up tights, Italian designer Emilio Cavallini says [New York Daily News]


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