Michelle Beadle gives Erin Andrews a big thumbs down

By 04.02.13

They haven’t worked with each other for quite some time but it’s clear there’s still animosity between Michelle Beadle and Erin Andrews. During an interview with Sam Roberts of the Opie & Anthony Show, the discussion briefly shifted to buying Twitter followers. Beadle claimed she knew someone who did it but wouldn’t say their name.

Sam Roberts: You should buy some (Twitter followers) to get yourself to a million.
Michelle Beadle: I do know people that did that early on.
Sam Roberts: Who? Tell me one name?
Michelle Beadle: No I can’t.
Sam Roberts: Why?
Michelle Beadle: Because I don’t know the person very well. I just know of them.
Sam Roberts: Exactly. What are they going to be mad at you? Not like they’re going to lose a friend.
Michelle Beadle: They already hate me so I don’t think it really matters.
Sam Roberts: Who is it ? Erin Andrews?
Michelle Beadle: I don’t know that person.
Sam Roberts: You don’t even know who she is?
Michelle Beadle: I know who she is. (*laughter followed by thumbs down*)

By the way, we’re #TEAMBEADLE here on Guyism.

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