Micro Luggage mixes baggage and a scooter… really

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We’ve all had that moment, at an airport, where we have to rush for the gate, sprinting to catch our flight. But that’s so unseemly. Why not roll there with a little style?

That’s the idea behind Micro Luggage, from Micro Mobility. The bag is the size of your standard carry-on, and should fit into most overhead compartments. It has a separate pocket for laptops, business cards, and folders, and can take more than 200 pounds of weight inside of its hard shell.

Then, of course, there’s the board that folds down:

Yep, it’s fully integrated into the shell. If you want to roll out, you just fold down the board, after perhaps making sure airport security doesn’t see you, and start scooting your way to the gate.

There is one slight engineering problem: You can’t turn using the handlebars, so if you need to make a corner, you’re going to have to lean and hope you’re not going so fast you’ll plow into an old lady.

Faster airport travel and stimulating conversation with security can be yours for just $250.

Micro Luggage [Micro Mobility]

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