Micro SIM cutter: Cut your SIM card down to size

By 11.01.12

For those not technologically inclined, a SIM card is essentially the brain stem of your phone. It’s a microcontroller and a small amount of memory that tells your phone what network to access, stores your phone numbers, and remembers what phone number you can be reached at.

The problem is that there are four different sizes of the things. So if you want a new phone, but don’t have the time to go to a mall kiosk to get your SIM ported to a new model by a bored teenager, you can instead use the Micro SIM Cutter to trim off the excess plastic and just put it in directly.

It’s worth noting that SIM cards wear out at some point, something reflected by your getting crappy reception and other network problems. But if you have a fairly new SIM and it’s just too big for your phone’s port, the cutter will be a useful tool.

Just pop the SIM card into the slot and press down, not dissimilar to those tools that make a guitar pick out of anything plastic. All you’re doing is shearing off excess plastic, so you can get the card into your phone without having to spend an hour at that kiosk in the mall. And isn’t avoiding the mall worth $25?

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