Mom gets punched in the face during Pee Wee football brawl

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parents fighting at youth game


Today, in adults acting like idiots, comes this story of a Texas Pee Wee football fight that led to one mother getting walloped in the face. The woman, Meagan Yates, suffered a bruised jawbone as a result of the punch.

To the best of her recollection, the fight broke out after two players began arguing with each other. That led to parents and coaches storming the field in a fit of rage. Yates, who works as the league’s secretary attempted to intervene but was met with fists of fury from an angry man. The man went on to threaten another parent before fleeing the scene. Police caught up with him later and he’ll likely face assault charges.

I don’t know about you guys but for me, 2012 has quickly become the year of the Pee Wee sports fight. Forget the Mars Rover, the election and the Arab spring, parents brawling at youth games has become America’s biggest thing.

You’re considered uncool if you’re not fighting with other adults, tackling other coaches, or just acting like a general douchebag at your kid’s sporting events.

So way to go America, we suck again. And by we, I mean you. And you by you I mean, degenerate parents. And by degenerate parents I mean, STOP HAVING SEX AND MAKING BABIES.

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