16 of the most hilarious moments in ‘Oregon Trail’

By 12.12.12
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Whether it was on a floppy disk or a CD-ROM, in school or at home, the 16-color game or the stunning (mid-90s stunning) 256-color version, we all remember playing Oregon Trail. It was a perilous adventure game, simple and linear but with enough strategic nuance and randomized events that it could keep any kid entertained for years of play. Looking back on it, though, the game was actually pretty hilarious. Let's go on a trip down memory lane with some of its funniest moments. What was one of yours?

Photo credit: YouTube

Shooting Wildly

The Knowles Gallery, Flickr

...and you didn't hit a damn thing. What did you expect?

Photo credit: The Knowles Gallery, Flickr

Grueling Speed

Horia Varlan, Flickr

...giving your family what was basically a death sentence just so you could make it to the West Coast sooner.

Photo credit: Horia Varlan, Flickr


Dominic's pics, Flickr

...if you had fed that to your family they'd be shitting out pewter fragments for weeks. Don't do it, no matter how in the mood for squirrel you are tonight.

Photo credit: Dominic's pics, Flickr

Oregon Sign

OregonDOT, Flickr

...and realized it was just a bunch of hipsters and shitty weather.

Photo credit: OregonDOT, Flickr


Clearly Amibiguous, Flickr

...and then watched as your family died while on your journey because you lacked the skills to do anything but make and spend money.

Photo credit: Clearly Amibiguous, Flickr


arnold | inuyaki, Flickr

...because who the fuck was going to eat that much meat? Grandma?

Photo credit: arnold | inuyaki, Flickr

Cholera Grave

foxypar4, Flickr

...and you were probably like, "Okay, let me just whip out some antibio-waaaaaait a minute, those haven't been invented yet! I suppose we'd better just dig a grave..."

Photo credit: foxypar4, Flickr


goingslo, Flickr

...and that shit just couldn't be forded. Not even if you were Harrison Ford. That's right.

Photo credit: goingslo, Flickr


Horia Varlan, Flickr

...and were more happy about finding supplies than sad that the missing family had probably been scalped, eaten or sold into slavery.

Photo credit: Horia Varlan, Flickr


seanmcmenemy, Flickr

...because you knew something amazingly fucked up was not far from happening.

Photo credit: seanmcmenemy, Flickr

Native American

lindsey gee, Flickr

...and by bandits what they really meant was Native Americans and by Native Americans what they really meant was Indians and by Indians what they really meant was Injuns. Racist.

Photo credit: lindsey gee, Flickr

River Rocks

Stanislav Vitebskiy, Flickr

...and it's that much worse because no one signed up for that shit in the first place. It's supposed to be Oregon Trail, not Oregon Class VI Whitewater Rafting.

Photo credit: Stanislav Vitebskiy, Flickr

Wild Fruit

crabchick, Flickr

...that gave you an even wilder bout of dysentery, promptly destroying your insides and killing you.

Photo credit: crabchick, Flickr


ephidryn, Flickr

...and FLOATED IT ACROSS A RIVER. Forgive me, but I thought wagons filled with thousands of pounds of buffalo meat were denser than river water.

Photo credit: ephidryn, Flickr

Wagon Wheel

OregonDOT, Flickr

...because where the fuck are you going to find an axl in the middle of a canyon? Also, what's an axl?

Photo credit: OregonDOT, Flickr


Jim Bahn, Flickr

...because life without Imodium was rough.

Photo credit: Jim Bahn, Flickr

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