17 of the most painfully obvious movie mistakes of all time

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Movies are a pretty complicated affair – there’s crew running around everywhere, directors shouting orders, camera and sound guys operating gargantuan electronic equipment – it must be pandemonium. But clearly some movies, despite how good they are, have some glaring mistakes we can’t overlook. So instead let’s celebrate them in all their glory. Here are some of the worst movie mistakes of all time.

17. ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’

In the canyon scene toward the end of the movie, flies can be seen buzzing around Belloq’s head. One of them flies directly into Belloq’s mouth – and does not emerge. So, did he eat it? According to actor Paul Freeman, the fly flew away, but was edited (as an inside joke) as if it disappeared into his mouth. Suuuuuuuure.

16. ‘Gladiator’

During the Battle of Carthage reenactment, a chariot slides sideways, hits a wall and flips over to reveal…a gas canister with pipe fittings on its back. Something about that doesn’t seem very time period appropriate.

15. ‘Braveheart’


There are multiple times throughout Braveheart where vans and/or cars can be seen, but none are worst than at a pivotal moment in the film, where the group of British pikemen charge on the Scots. In the bottom left corner of the frame, a white van can be seen parked on the Scottish Highlands.

14. ‘Pulp Fiction’

In the apartment scene where Jules and Vincent come under fire at point-blank range there’s something pretty out-of-place on the wall behind them – bullet holes before any shots whatsoever were fired. Looks like Tarantino isn’t as big a stickler for details as his reputation makes him out to be.

13. ‘Batman Begins’

During the Batmobile chase scene in Batman Begins a cop orders Batman to turn off his engine and step away from the car. But later in the scene the same exact cop asks a dispatcher to tell him what Batman’s car looks like. Maybe he just has short-term memory loss?

12. ‘Return of the Jedi’

In the lightsaber between Luke and Vader toward the end, a metal bar that Luke supposedly cut through with his lightsaber already has a visible cut through it. Thanks, Obama! I mean, Lucas!

11. ‘Spider-Man 2’

At the end of the scene where Peter intercepts a police office who is currently chasing criminals, there’s a huge car wreck. In one shot, the policeman driving the car can be plainly seen wearing a crash helmet. Maybe he was moonlighting as a test driver?

10. ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl’

Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse of the Black Pearl

During a scene that takes place on the Black Pearl’s poop deck, Jack Sparrow is giving orders. And behind him and to the left, there’s a clearly visible crew member wearing a cowboy hat. Hilarious.

9. ‘Commando’

After a chase scene, Sully’s Porsche is totaled, but when our favorite action hero, Arnold, commandeers it and drives away, it has no damage whatsoever. And he didn’t even have to put in an insurance claim.

8. ‘Star Wars’

Inside the Death Star, a line of storm troopers hurry down a hallway. One of them bumps his head on the door frame. The re-mastered version of the film actually laughs at itself by adding in a deep ‘thud’ sound effect when the hapless actor bumps his head.

7. ‘The Matrix’

Look closely at Mr. Smiths’ shades during the interrogation scene and you’ll see a reflection of Neo sitting in front of him. That would be fine, except when it cuts away Neo is actually backed up into the corner of the room. I guess anything is possible in the Matrix.

6. ‘Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines’

During the scene where the T-X connects to a computer via her cell phone the phone is clearly shown to have no reception whatsoever. Plus, it wasn’t an iPhone.

5. ‘Lord of the Rings: Return of the King’

Lord of the Rings Return of the King

During the scene where Gandalf is standing on a stone balcony there is a brief cutaway, and when it returns, all of the CGI buildings in the background have been changed. WETA workshop, we expected better from you.

4. ‘Ocean’s Eleven’

During the scene where Brad Pitt and Matt Damon are standing in the Bellagio Botanical Garden, Pitt’s character, Rusty, is eating a shrimp cocktail, but when it cuts away and then back to him he’s got a different type of food. Even Brad didn’t remember what he was eating when he came back to the same scene? For continuity’s sake!

3. ‘The Goonies’

On the beach at the end of the movie, Data tells a reporter that the “octopus was really scary!”, but the initial release of this movie featured no fight with an octopus of any size.

2. ‘Spider-Man’

During a fight scene in a rainy alley, Spider-Man owns a group of muggers who are accosting Mary Jane, tossing a couple of them through windows. After he takes care of the other two, the windows are shown to be undamaged.

1. ‘North by Northwest’

North by Northwest

In this classic Hitchcock film, a shooting takes place in a cafeteria. But just before the shot, you can see one of the extra’s in the background, a little boy, cover his ears. The little punk knew exactly what was coming!


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