10 mouthwatering international versions of American fast food

by 4 years ago
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international fast food items

Nicky Pallas, Flickr

Fast food is as American as globalization, so it’s no wonder that our beloved chain restaurants have made their way around the world. Let’s take a look at some delectable fast food delights from outside the United States.

Where can you get it?: McDonald’s in the Netherlands

This shawarma (or shoarma in the Netherlands, I guess?) burger gets the “street meat” treatment with some creamy, garlicky kebab sauce.

Where can you get it?: Pizza Hut in Malaysia

The Golden Fortune is a pizza topped with shrimp, crab, fish, pineapple and lime, then surrounded with cheese-filled crust bites. If nothing else, this unique pie serves the purpose of satisfying just about every food group, plus a pretty gnarly “weird foods” fetish. Sounds tasty though.

Where can you get it?: McDonald's in New Zealand

No one should have to wait for brunch to get good Eggs Benedict with melty cheese and luscious Hollandaise sauce.

Fun fact 1: McDonald’s NZ has a “Boston” bagel with seasoned avocado, because sure, that’s what Boston is known for.

Fun fact 2: NZ’s dollar menu is called the “Loose Change Menu.”

Where can you get it?: Dunkin Donuts in India

Who needs a boring old jelly doughnut when you can get saffron pistachio? That’s rich people ingredients right there.

Where can you get it?: McDonald's in Turkey

You could technically take any vanilla soft serve and chop up some delicious Toblerone and mix it in, right? But then I guess it wouldn’t be fast food, would it? Either way, this sounds like the perfect marriage of candy and ice cream for the fat child in us all.

Where can you get them?: Subway in India

Subway India seems like it has the ability to please both Indian food and American sandwich cravings all at once. They’ve got chicken tandoori subs, chicken tikka subs, and a whole host of vegetarian choices filled with fried lentil, garlic and onion patties and other tasty items.

Where can you get it?: McDonald's in Poland

This burger is topped with a fried chicken cutlet that has been stuffed with ham and then topped again with bacon and cheese. And then the bun has some crispy cheese on it. It’s two sandwiches in one!

Where can you get it?: KFC in India

Curry and chicken were made for each other. Now, curry and fried chicken? That just sounds like a spicy gut-bomb that needs to be experienced.

Where can you get it?: McDonald's in Japan

This cheese-stuffed, crispy cabbage-topped fried pork cutlet is served with a rich brown sauce and a sweet lemon sauce. Sounds like a cut above most fast food out there.

aussie burger

Breville USA, Flickr

Where can you get it?: Hungry Jack’s (Burger King) in Australia

The Aussie Burger takes a beef patty and dresses it to the gills with regulars like bacon, cheese, onion, tomato, lettuce and BBQ sauce, and then ups the ante with an egg and some sweet beets. Awesome flavor combo.

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