Mr. Quicksplit solves one of the biggest pains of camping

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If you don’t go camping a lot, or you don’t own a fireplace, you have not experienced the joy of trying to make kindling. Here’s a hint: it sucks. Fortunately, Mr. Quicksplit is here to make life a lot easier for you.

mr quicksplit

Willow Creek Forge

For those wondering, making kindling means very precisely hitting a block of wood with an axe multiple times. It’s a bit like pulling out a splinter, except you’re doing it with a large sharp object.

Mr. Quicksplit, on the other hand, is designed to slice wood into kindling simply and quickly, and it’s actually a brilliantly engineered device. It’s all down to physics, really. You mount the wood on the handy mounting area, and then slice into the wood using the long handle. The handle gives you all the leverage you need to slice off little pieces of wood.

If you’re the type with a cabin (or renting one), you can screw Mr. Quicksplit into a wall. Or, if you’re going camping, tie it to a tree with a few tension straps. Either way, you can quickly get the kindling shredded and get back to the fun part of camping: Burning things. And isn’t that alone worth $150?

Mr. Quicksplit [Willow Creek Forge]

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