Mr. Irrelevant meet Mrs. Irrelevant, the woman who will bring you great sexual pleasure

By 04.25.12

Yesterday, an anonymous woman uploaded a somewhat funny video detailing what she would do sexually to Mr. Irrelevant–the last pick in the 2012 NFL draft. Soon after the video went up, she took it down, knowing it would bring shame upon her family. Unfortunately, once things go up on the internet, they are there forever. And I mean, forever.

The fine folks at Jockular got a hold of it and now the clip is blowing up all over the web. In some ways I feel sorry for the young lass. Her identity will certainly be uncovered by the end of the week and she’ll have to defend her groupie status.

If I was her, I’d play up my fifteen minutes of fame. Perhaps get an interview or two out of it on one of the national morning shows.

Somewhat related, I think I love her. And not because she’s a little slutty. I think it’s the curly girl and mesmerizing eyes that do it for me. Call me honey! I may not be the 2012 Mr. Irrelevant but I can be pretty irrelevant in other ways. Wait, er, never mind.

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