50 Hilarious Photos To Get You Through The Day

By 11.26.14
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In today's Must See Imagery we take a walk through everything you might have missed this week, including some truly hilarious demotivational posters, perfectly timed photobombs, sexy ladies, funny animals, and more! Aggregating content from the web's hottest sources: Facebook, Tumblr, Imgur (often via Reddit), amongst others, we're able to save you those precious man hours that can be used for things like grilling red meat, or wondering who the hell that sexy girl was in that commercial you just saw. If you come across any photos you think should be included in this daily feature then head on over HERE and post them to our Facebook wall, and I'll be sure to include them (provided they don't suck, and you actually understand what funny is).
Today's 'Must See Imagery' originally ran on November 13, 2013.

This picture is making me question my sexuality.

How's everyone no-shave November/Movember going?


Finally getting into the holiday spirit.

There's definitely some truth to this.

Miley Cyrus is slowly turning into the aliens from the Men In Black.

This father is a genius.

Things get a little boring around the offices.

Poor Nigerian Prince, all he wanted to do was make you rich!

I can't even begin to fathom what is happening on this guy's head.

Wouldn't everyone take that night?

Dem feels!

What is this, Arrested Development?

Want the best and worst of Facebook? Check out the Guyism Facebook Idiocy.

That about sums it up.

It's totally used to ward off the bears and wolves.

Nothing to be ashamed about kitty, it's legal in most of the civilized world.

This sign should be taken seriously guys, for srsly.

Your safety rules have no power here.

Is a hedgehog a Koosh?

Best part about working at Guyism? Never having to do math.

Who needs clean dishes when you can just cover up the dirty ones?

If you haven't seen today's Rob Ford vide, GO WATCH IT NOW.

I'm flying there tomorrow, should I be concerned?

I've never actually experienced this. In NYC I've found the more expensive the burger the harder it is to eat though....

Parrotfish are truly the donkeys of the sea. Sorry Amberjack, I know it's your nickname, but parrotfish take the cake.

How? Why?

Right in dem childhood feels...

Tumblr/Humor Train

Tumblr/Humor Train

Do me a favor and check out my weekly round-ups of POPULAR QUOTES.

So Miley Cyrus gets her fashion inspiration from an ostrich?

I suppose this is superior to become a worm?

Why did they insist on ruining YouTube comments?

Best. Gift. Ever.

Someone needs to slap these kids before they grow up as morons.

Pick one.

How do I procure one of these for the Guyism offices?

I really love how 'statue photobombs' are becoming a thing, I'll be sure to include more going forward.

Do it. Go breathe fresh air.

This truly is the WORST HUMAN BEING ALIVE.

Yes, we're talking about cows, not cars.

I'll take broken dreams over unquenchable thirst any day of the week.

Sunset refraction through a shot glass, I know, it's amazing.

Just don't find yourself at these and you'll be a happy camper.

This dude is the funniest person he knows, according to himself.

Great or greatest business card?

Nothing to see here but an adorable Pyrenean Mastiff and his cute owner.

Somewhere there's a very proud father looking at this photo...

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