Nashville is a state according to Usher

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For years there’s been talk of a 51st state with choices ranging from the District of Columbia to Puerto Rico. If Usher Raymond had his way, he’d go with…Nashville. During last night’s season premiere of The Voice, Raymond told contestant Danielle Bradbery that she was going to get big. Bigger than the state of Nashville.

Blake Shelton: “I want to be the guy that introduces you to Nashville because that’s going to be a feather in my cap.”
Usher: “You have an opportunity to be an artist that will speak to the world. Nashville is a state.”
Adam Levine: (interrupting) “It’s a city.”
Usher: “You have so much more potential than Nashville.”
Blake Shelton: “I’m still fascinated by Nashville being a state.”
Usher: “Um, right.”

And there you have it kids. You simply don’t need geography to make millions as an entertainer. Feel free to punch that lying Social Studies teacher in the face.

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