NBC only going to make garbage shows from now on

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No, they said that. This is a serious post. So this last upfronts period was pretty stressful for fans of good comedy, as Community, Parks And Recreation and other NBC Thursday night shows seemed on the brink of death. We all sighed a little sigh of relief when they were renewed, but now it looks like the other shoe is ready to drop.

NBC entertainment chief Robert Greenblatt did a presentation in Los Angeles to show off the network’s new shows, and in doing so told us that the network is in a “transitional period.” That is, transitioning away from good shows that don’t get good ratings and towards bad shows that (probably) won’t get good ratings. The Thursday night comedies were singled out, with Greenblatt saying “We just can’t get the audience for them. They tend to be a little bit more narrow and more sophisticated than you want for a broad audience,” according to Time.

So what kind of shows are going to court this “broad audience?” Animal Practice, a comedy about vets that prominently features a monkey. Guys With Kids, which seems to think that dudes with Baby Bjorns is an endless source of comedy. And Go On, which stars Matthew Perry in his billionth attempt at a post-Friends comeback. No thanks.

In good news, Community creator Dan Harmon is doing a new show for Fox, according to Collider. So at least one network doesn’t think that “sophisticated” is bad.

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