There has never been a more impressive ‘Zelda’ inspired cake

By 03.11.13

Believe it or not, video game cakes used to be “a thing.” But nothing from before can stand up to the majesty that is this Zelda: Skyward Sword inspired birthday cake.

Actually, not everything you see in the following is edible, just the bottom half, the Temple of Time (which is made up of Rice Krispies Treats). But still, the majority of it is cake and is impressive nonetheless…

But if you feel like voicing your displeasure by lambasting Will and Liliana, the very nice looking people who made the cake for their daughter’s 10th birthday, knock yourself out. Because that’s what YouTube comments are for.

Anyhow, they also made this Super Mario Galaxy themed cake a couple years back, for their daughter’s 4th…

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