New Amsterdam Red Berry is finally a flavored vodka I enjoy

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I finally caved to peer pressure and started to try a few different flavored vodkas. They aren’t normally my cup of tea because I like to pretend I’m manly, but it turns out New Amsterdam makes some pretty solid booze.

New Amsterdam

My biggest complaint about flavored vodkas isn’t actually that they’re girly, because they aren’t. Sure most are only 70-proof, but I can throw back more than enough vodka-rocks in an hour to get wasted responsibly intoxicated. My main objection is that they end up being absurdly sweet. Unless you’re cleverly crafting a cocktail, it is way to overbearing. That’s the reason I actually like the New Amsterdam’s Red Berry. It tastes almost as if you I soaked fruit in regular vodka for a little while instead of dumping syrup and sugar in the bottle.

At only $15 a bottle you have room to toy around without worrying that every drink must be perfect. I started, as I usually do, by drinking it straight. I spent quite a few years ordering vodka-rocks at the bar, and based on the looks people gave me that’s apparently not normal. If that’s your style though, rest assured it works with this stuff. It’s distilled 5 times so it’s as smooth as freshly sanded Ron Swanson furniture. I naturally moved onto Red Berry (strawberry and raspberry) and tonic. I’ve mentioned before how important quality tonic is, so if possible pay up for the good stuff like Fever-Tree or Q. The drink, I’m ashamed to say, was delicious. I made a second one not for the sake of experimentation, but because I wanted one.

There is also a peach version that I tried, but it was just a little too sweet for me. Good vodka, just not one to which I’d go back. If you were really excited for a peach vodka though, don’t despair. Four out of the five others that I was drinking with loved it. That’s a perfect example of why I don’t often slam products!

If you’re going to give it a whirl, you can find cocktail recipes on their website. I’m always a big fan of just making them up as I go though. And if you are actually interested in upgrading your tonic, Fever-Tree is $31 for a 24-pack of 6.8-ounce bottles on Amazon, and shipping is free.

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