The new Coors Light aluminum pint could be useful

by 6 years ago

The Coors Light aluminum pint has just hit the market. Normally we wouldn’t post a fairly mediocre commercial, but I wanted to bring this to your attention for a good reason. When Miller Lite and Bud Light introduced their new 16-ounce aluminum bottles, most bars were selling them for the same price as a normal 12-ounce bottle. If you’re going to drink a light macro beer, you might as well get four extra ounces for free. As we get closer to street festival season, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a major marketing push of which you can take advantage.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember the last time I couldn’t finish a pint. The people who really need to put this can technology to use is the guys behind Four Loko. They ran into problems because their products were in cans but were more than one serving. Can we bring back the original version though, please?

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