New ‘Man of Steel’ trailer reveals the Superman we’re going to see

by 5 years ago

DC Comics has one last chance to get Superman right on the big screen with its Zack Snyder helmed Man of Steel. The first full trailer reveals how the movie’s shaping up, possibly for better and worse.

The plusses: You really feel the weight of the burden of being Superman in this trailer. It’s not “gritty” like every other post-Batman reboot attempts to be, but it is grounded in reality. The glimpses of action look interesting. The closing line of Superman wondering if the world is ready for him is poignant and intriguing.

The cons: Does he really have to be this emo? Yes, having powers and people wanting to judge you for them seems tough. No, I wouldn’t want to get led around in handcuffs because I’m too awesome for Earth, either. But if the film boils down to 90 minutes of Superman feeling sorry for himself before saving the world from Zod and Michael Shannon’s soul patch, I’m not sure this is something I need in my life.

What do you think?

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