New Meme You Should Know: First World Problems Cat

by 6 years ago
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In today’s New Meme You Should Know we take a closer look at a relatively under-appreciate meme that’s been around for a little while know, First World Problems Cat. We’ve all been told at some point in our web-centric lives that cats, not dogs, are the true heart of the Internet. So I felt compelled to shed some light on this meme as it does a particularly good job at showing the insufferably obnoxious nature of cats. Contrast is with Lawyer Dog, Ridiculously Photogenic Puppy, or Berks Dog and you begin to get a much clearer idea of which animal species should reign supreme on the Internet: man’s best friend. Even believing the supposedly good intentions of this cat is a farce, cats are evil and there’s really no disputing it.

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