New video emerges of youth coach assaulting player

By 11.12.12

Last month, a Utah youth football coach was arrested after hitting an opposing player along the sideline. At the time, only grainy video existed so it was hard to determine if the hit was, as the coach said, accidental.

Better video has emerged since then and the coach in question, Nathan Harris, believes it clears up the matter. “It’s just a routine football play running off the field there and it’s turned into a nightmare. At no point was any harm meant to be done”, he said. Uh, sorry, I beg to differ as does the 13-year-old who suffered a concussion.

Take a close look at this new footage Good Morning America obtained.

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Harris makes no attempt to get out of the way and even lifts his arms to deliver the blow. Moreover, he doesn’t even bother to help the kid up. Had it truly been an accident, a small bit of remorse and a helping hand could have cleared his name. Instead, Harris faces misdemeanor assault charges, an assault on his reputation and a likely civil suit from the parents.

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