New Vita game literally has you stroking your handheld

By 11.26.12

And sadly, Monster Monpiece might be the best chance the system has for survival.

The PlayStation Vita is an absolutely amazing piece of hardware that, sadly, no one is buying into. After an impressive debut in Japan, the number of units solds keep decreasing at a record rate every single week. Which is not good new since that’s where most of the games for the system is made.

So some game makers are either getting creative or desperate to leave a mark (more like both). One end result is Monster Monpiece, an upcoming digital card game that has you, for whatever reason, rubbing the anime chick on the touchscreen. Best part is how the demonstrator is full on stroking at a certain point (remember, there’s a touch sensitive rear panel as well)…

Is this what has become of Sony’s answer to both Nintendo’s 3DS and Apple’s iPhone/iPad power combo? Jesus Christ. But given weird state of the Japanese video game scene as a whole, this game has just as good a shot as any to keep the Vita alive.

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