NFL replacement referee usually works six-man football

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All eyes will be on NFL replacement referees this week as they get their feet wet in regular season action. Most of the problems with them have been overblown by the media who seem to conveniently forget just how awful some of those other guys were (as evidenced in the photo above).

That being said, they still aren’t very good and seem to lack confidence when it comes to administering the rules. That could be because some of them aren’t used to working normal football games—like Wayne Bernier who normally officiates six-man pigskin. Yea, that still exists in rural America.

Upon finishing a hotly contested six-man battle between high school teams last week, Bernier headed to Philly for the Jets-Eagles game. A game that featured 69,000 more fans than the one he just officiated.

“You have seen it on TV and see this big field,” Bernier said. “But you walk in and it’s still a 100-yard field just like out at Dick Bivins Stadium. There are more people. That’s all.”

Bernier got the call from the NFL in June. That launched a nearly two-month process during which Bernier turned in an application, completed questionnaires and passed a background check and physical assessment tests and attended lengthy classroom training in Dallas, which included studying game film.

I’m sure Bernier is a nice guy and admittedly looks like a hard worker. But this sport represents the creme of the crop of today’s athletes. The strongest, fastest men this planet has to offer. To think the NFL can get by with these guys is incomprehensible and a detriment to those fans who pay their hard earned money to see a game.

Hopefully, this dispute ends soon. Very soon. Otherwise, guys like Bernier will be subject to some undeserved abuse.

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