Nordic Grip turns your crappy sneakers into ice boots

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It is, like it or not, officially winter, complete with snow and a fairly punishing weather prediction for this year and next. But you can’t always slap on some boots to go outside, and sometimes you’ll have to go outside in your work shoes or sneakers.

Nordic Grip

Nordic Grip

So, slap on some rubber grips, instead.

The Nordic Grip fits over pretty much any shoe you can get, and offers a lot more stability. It’s essentially a tough rubber band with a bottom part that has texture, plus two metal studs on either side of the foot that offer more grip and balance than a smooth shoe would on ice.

These won’t turn you into a mountaineer in Florsheims, if you were wondering; ideally, you’ll still have a fairly rugged sole on your shoe for the best stability, so, tell your girlfriend not to use these on high heels, even if the Web site has a demo photo showing them on high heels.

But they will offer you the ability to run out and get some coffee without worrying about changing shoes or landing on your ass, which is well worth $15.

Nordic Grip [Firebox]

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