Nudifier: Make people seem naked

By 11.21.12

There just aren’t enough opportunities to frame your friends for being naked in social settings. Thankfully, pantsing has gone digital with the Nudifier app. Instead of yanking down their shorts physically, you can instead post images to Facebook that make them look like a sex offender. We love technology.



The Nudifier app works fairly simply. Pick a photo you’ve taken: We recommend on featuring your vict- er, dear friend and his boss. Select the skin tone of the subject, matching it as closely as possible. “Paint” out their clothing, and you’re done. Instead of a normal photo of a grown man wearing pants, it is not a photo that implies he does not wear any sort of pants at social functions.

Joking aside, the app is actually fairly well put together for what it is; it doesn’t lean on the gag nature to gloss over technical imperfections. They bothered to make something that really works.

Normally this is where we cite the downside, which is while this app is free, it’ll only be free for a short while. So get it now. Your vic- friends will mur- er, thank you.

Nudifier [iTunes Store]

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