Obama vs Romney, in a video game-like, autotuned face-off

by 5 years ago

Nope, it’s not another lame-ass iOS game. Instead, Obama vs Romney is the latest by those guys who created Autotune the News. Along with the New York Times?

What strange bedfellows indeed. At any rate, the above does a fairly decent job of effectively mixing politics, old 8bit games, and something that was all the rage on YouTube just three years ago (the internet’s time scale is quite different from our, similar to dogs, or so it feels like).

Now, those who want scintillating political commentary will have to look elsewhere. Yes, The Gregory Brothers usually has a certain degree of bite to their shtick, but since the Times is footing the bill, that’s not case here. Since they have to stay neutral and all that jazz.

At worst, it emphasizes how both candidates are mostly just repeating the same old stuff, but those with a more positive view of things will be happy that at least they’re being positive (for once). Also, the ending is fairly amusing.

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